Testing (sorta)

Soo I havent posted here in awhile, noone really reads it thats why.
 Anways Im testing out my new moodtheme (woot Juno!)

Tomorrow I believe Chelsea is coming over and we're possibly hopefully going to Sweeney Todd and The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything..if not that then we're having a Pirates Marathon.
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What I should've said to her (Ms. Hall)

is it so terrible that I stand up for what I believe in? Just because I'm not doing my work here does not mean I won't do it & I will do it. If I have to move ack over here from my ASSIGNED seat between Chelsea and Amanda tomorrow I'll probably say some bad words & get sent to the office, where I will go with great pleasure. You can't take my phone away from me & keep it forever, that would be considered theft, which is illegal in most places, school included. I was checking the TIME anyways because the clocks here are insanely off. Oh & I did text someone..big fucking deal. Yeah I'll admit I', still holding a grudge against you from my sophomore year when you were subbing for Kerger and asked if I was in a resource room because I wasn't reading, yeah I've HATED you every day since then...excuse me if I didn't feel like READING, that book was insanely boring anyways. This week has been HELL for me, especially wiht you as my sub, & if you do perchance come over here while I'm writing this, take it from me, read it & send me to the office. I'll be more than delighted to go, it's not a crime to vent out my anger, & mom won't care because she knows I only do what I feel is right, plus I'm 18 so even if she did care she wouldn't do anything about it. Oh & so you can your cell phone out but you threaten us if we have ours out.... 
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The current rain condition

Is amazing
its been raining like its 1993..
people from Iowa should know exactly what I mean...

Anyways, last night, kara and I went to family video to take Catch & Release back
we then drove to the viaduct..which was we drove into the hyvee parking lot which like was starting to flood....and looked at the viaduct..the viaduct was a fucking pool...soo then we drove back to my house (it was about midnight) and emptied our pockets and then went back outside and played in the rain for a while..we came back inside and our shirts were able to be rung out. ..the only part of me that didnt get soaked was my was grand

Today we went to le highschool and got lockers.
it goes

I may go up to the school tomorrow with Chelsea, Kara and Cassie just for shits and giggles.

Tomorrow night we're swimming at Chelseas (hopefully) we are spending the night their tho

Wednesday Im watching Jump Street with Jesse
Thursday School starts..
Actually I am kinda excited..

Im done now
*the only person who will possibly read this is RachelK and Im not even sure if she will*

Yeah soo Im gonna talk about people on here

You dont like it..go fuck yourself with a ten foot cucumber. cuz people talk about people, its a way of life. Ill leave names out though.

Okay soo I used to be friends with this girl, like best friends, nothing could seperate us...til one summer, another girl comes around and starts hanging out with her...that year, EVERYTHING changed, seriously. She started spending less and less time with me, and more and more time with this other girl. It bothered the hell out of me..We got into a fight that year, and stopped being friends..we tried being friends again over the summer, but it just didnt work. Then I wrote a fucking poem..and her new best friend got all pissed off at me, this was 10th grade..and we had a huge fight..she told me how Im afraid to fight face to face...then by the end of the year they wanted to make amends..I said yes, but then soon came to regret do you make amends with a girl who took your best friend from you, someone who pretty much ruined your life as you knew it?...They think Im a bitch because I talk about them, well, I think you're both bitches because of what you did to me. And I hate the way you've gone all emo..and you're just a poser.

yes, it did hurt at first...but now Ive got better friends, I dont go around moping about how my life sucks, and how I wish I had different friends. Which is what I probably would be doing if I was still friends with you..soo this comes to a thank you....I want to thank you ex-best friend and stealer of ex-best friend, for making me realize, how much better my life is, now that you're out of it.

Ohh and for the record...your new piercings..are ugly.

mmm Update

Just as I promised Rachel...Im home, so Im updating

~*Wonder*~ See that dream/Up on the screen/It's time to come clean/And make your own scene  says:
I am sooo TIRED..but cant go to sleep damn rule saying I have to have my contacts in three hours prior to my appt..whoever made that needs to take it and shove it up their eyesocket
Steph   says:
~*Wonder*~ See that dream/Up on the screen/It's time to come clean/And make your own scene  says:
I woulda said ass..but it doesnt fit with the topic
Steph   says:

pretty much describes how tired I happen to be
yeah it fucking sucks major motion picture monkey butt

mmhmm..thats about it for now

Rachel is that enough of an update for you?

(no subject)

Hmm...Lunch//Movie day with the posse tomorrow..probably the last one before I leave. Well, with Chelsea and Kara and maybe Amanda anyways..Stephie, if you can go...tell us.

We're gonna watch RENT, She's the Man, A Girl Like Me, Final Destination 3, and whatever else we rent..well I own the first three (Chelsea owns RENT we will use her copy), but we have to rent Final Destination 3...we should rent the other two if they're available ... so we can watch all of the final destination movies.

ohh yeah its a sleepover at Chelsea's too, and Friday = John Tucker Must noon, cuz I be goin to my daddy's for the last time this weekend .before I leave..

Okay..for those of you who dont know,..I'm leaving on the 2nd for some place in Oregon that I can never remember the name of, and then San Fransico..I will be back on the 14th..HOPEFULLY I will have internet access..cuz two weeks, is just too long to go without it.

the 15th is, so basically, I have to think school somewhat right when I get back..hmm..I also have Orchestra, but I dont know if I will go or not..Im gonna miss the first two lessons..soo yeah.

Ohh I put back up my Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Poster..cuz I was cleaning my room..which ended up turning into 'stuffing everything in the closet/under the bed' because I didnt feel like cleaning anymore..yeah.

Okay, so whats with movies being made that look pretty much EXACTLY like other movies..two new movies for example.. Step It looks like Take The Lead..but I still want to see it..and then Pulse looks like White Noise sorta..but maybe a little creepier, and yeah..I want to see that one too.

Ohh what REALLY pisses me off, is the fact that they're remaking Adventures in Babysitting, and Raven Symone is taking Elizabeth Shue's role..yeah..its gonna suck, like a lot, mmhmm, a lot of sucking.. and to top off the fucking suckiness, its gonna be a disney movie...yeah, they wont be able to make it even HALF as good as the original, so why dont they leave it the fuck alone?? .. oh yeah, there's no fucking ORIGINALITY anymore..

okay, Im done here..



Some peoples..are just..Fucking CRAZY these days..

I am not a backstabber..not even close..
and believe me..Im not a bitch, or a freak or anything else either.

I dont even know why Im posting this
the person Im refering to doesnt even know my LJ

ohh and NOONE talks behind Rachel's back to me..okay...cuz Imma tell her whatcha say if ya do..
and yeah Im sure Im straight..I just love my friends like fucking family..

So if YOU find this..go to hell!
and YOU know who YOU are if YOU do find this..
blacknwhite UPDATE!

haha..all cuz I told Rachel I would..and well..I have something to update about..

My brother & Ashely got married today..well technically speaking, yesterday..
lets see
The day started this

I got up at like 7:15-ish..took a shower (I was the last person to go to bed, and the first person up)..After I was done with my shower I got on the computer..and did some shit, designed my class ring, not sure if its exactly the style that I want though.

We ended up leaving at like 8:30 ish..we watched ELF on the way there..well the boys (my cousins, Richie and Ben) did..I kinda..looked around at the 'scenery' aimlessly..

We got to my grandma's and I was pretty much put in charge of Katelyn and Tanner for hour and half ish..maybe more, which made me decide Im not having children that close in age..too much fucking work.

blah blah blah

yeah by this time I was getting bored..but then Henry and Al 'rescued' Cory, Jess (my sister) & I..and took us out to the Beary's (I cant say my grandma and grandpa cuz they're not) .. slightly more boredom for awhile..I found out that Henry and Al are gonna pay for me to get professional hilights. WOOT!

4:00 was the wedding..I recorded the important know the 'I *insert name here* take *insert name here* to be my lawfully wedded *wife/husband*' .. that shit

Then..instead of a limo..they left on four-wheelers...yeah..Ashely kept her dress on, but had to take the veil off..otherwise it woulda been a gonner.

blah blah blah

Got back to my grandma's..I was yeah..I just dug into the food..well first the chips and cheese, then the real see..that was BREAKFAST, LUNCH, & DINNER for me..cuz I had no time to eat anything before then.

Blah blah blah

Took tons of pictures
Got family pictures..Those were fun

Ashely and Al gave me a wedgie while my Uncle Randy was giving me a piggyback ride..that was sister's dad got a few pictures of it..

We left around 9:15/9:30ish
I listened to the Broadway station all the way home..yeah this XM radio thing that we got goin on makes me uber happy

I played Nintendo for awhile when we got home..then got on the computer..

and yeah..that was my fun filled day...


Teh Interview

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

My Interviewer simplyentangled

1. Sing in the shower?
2. Ever snuck out when you were grounded? Did you get away with it?
3. What's your guilty pleasure?
4. Fruit or vegetables?
5. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be and why?


1. Hell yeah!
2. Well, Ive never actually been grounded no
3. WOW, too many to count..Cheesy movies mainly
4. Fruit, def. Fruit..they have better taste
5. I soo wouldnt live where I live, cuz there is absolutly nothing to do, and I cant really pursue my goal of film making..