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Madness as you know is like gravity

All it takes is a little push

1 October 1989
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I Have been Stamped
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I'm the kind of girl people love to hate, hate to love, and yet end up loving me anyways. I'm like a drug to people...Pringles if you will...or maybe cocaine. yeah, I'm like cocaine. I get obsessed with things easily and I live life how I want to. Noone is in control of me more than I am. I live for my friends, and they live for me. I'm in love with Indie-flicks and old TV shows...21 Jump Street owns me. Degrassi is my favourite currently broadcasted show though. I get angry everytime I read about the writers strike..I mean, give it up already, pretty soon its gonna be so big that even sports wont air. I love Odwalla Smoothies, Monster, Lipton citrus tea (diet), and coke...Horror movies are amazing in my opinon, especially the ones from the 80's that are so fake its funny (Nightmare on Elm Street anyone?) I've given up on caring what people think of me, its pointless and not worth it. Johnny Depp is my favourite actor and my idol. Peter DeLuise is really starting to grow on me...not that anyone needs to know that. I'm 18 years old, drug and alchohol free.